TITUS: Gospel-Centered Life
TITUS: Gospel-Centered Life

Come learn how to produce a faithful and fruitful gospel-centered life as we explore this letter from Paul together. It’s all about how the good news of God’s generous grace must remain central in our everyday life — so that our homes, communities, and world can be reached for Christ.

Journey of Generosity
Journey of Generosity

Join us each Sunday morning in October to hear inspiring stories and biblical insights on ways to experience more of the full life found in Jesus. As we grow in our trust of God's provision, we are able to commit to living sacrificially and following Him with our whole hearts. Don't miss out on all that God wants to do in your life along the Journey of Generosity.

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The Book of Jonah
The Book of Jonah

Sundays | August 11 - September 29

Join us for this summer series exploring the epic tale of Jonah. How did the reluctant obedience of one man spark revival and change the fate of an entire city? 

Fear, apathy, shame, self-doubt, and a lack of love pushed Jonah to run from God's calling. But the good news is that no matter how far we run, God is always there- extending mercy, offering forgiveness, and inviting us to be a part of His great adventure! Where is God calling you?

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God Speaks: The Minor Prophets

Join us each Sunday for this summer series to see what major messages God is saying to us through the obscure and often overlooked minor prophets. Be sure to come each week as we explore a new book, looking into their themes of grace, pride, soft hearts, integrity, and hope.