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    Three Great Opportunities to Invite

    03.14.19 | by Eric Wakeling

    Jesus is so beautiful, full of grace, love and truth. We have hope in Him that can never be found anywhere else. We have this mission for EACH ONE of us to REACH ONE person with the good news of Jesus Christ by Easter of 2020.
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      Remember to Set Your Clocks

      03.08.19 | by Trevor Behrns

      Yep. It’s that time of year again. Love it or hate it, welcome to daylight savings time. Get ready to turn your clocks forward one hour this Saturday night in exchange for an extra hour of sunshine later in each day that follows.While...
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        Let's Get To Know Each Other Better

        03.07.19 | by Eric Wakeling

        Calvary Family! You are the best! I love this community so much! Last Sunday I was standing in the back during most of the service and I was looking around the room watching you all worship and hear from the Word of God. It's such a beautiful...
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          You Are Loved!

          02.14.19 | by Eric Wakeling

          Calvary Family! I want you to know that you are loved! You are a child of the King and that makes you royalty, but more importantly, that makes you family. You are loved! You aren't loved because of what you do or how much money you have or...
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            Are You a People Chaser?

            02.04.19 | by Eric Wakeling

            Calvary Family, I had the opportunity today to listen to an influential Christian author, speaker, and leader at a lunch for pastors. He speaks in front of big crowds all the time, but described himself as a "lobby people chaser" when he's at...
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