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    Who Are You Inviting to Easter?

    04.11.19 | by Eric Wakeling

    Who is God calling you to reach out to? Who are you inviting to Easter at Calvary? Let's each go across the street or across the office or across the classroom or across the field to invest in the lives of the people with whom we live, work and...
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      Hearts Open to God's Calling

      04.04.19 | by Eric Wakeling

      Dear Calvary Church Family, I want to open our hearts to God's leading as we are in the middle of Reach Week and heading towards Easter. How has God been prompting you to respond to this inspiring call to reach across the street and around the...
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        Come Join us for Wednesday of Reach Week!

        04.03.19 | by Matt Doan

        Calvary Family, Welcome to Wednesday of Reach Week 2019! Our theme is "Across the Street & Around the World" and tonight we have some really special events planned that you can be a part of! It begins with the all-church, mid-week...
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          Don't Miss Out on Reach Week 2019!

          03.28.19 | by Matt Doan

          Calvary Family, Our purpose statement at Calvary Church states, “Calvary Church is a community where we CONNECT with God and others to GROW in our faith so we REACH Orange County and the world for Jesus Christ. Each time I re-read the...
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            Check out the new Calvary Life Podcast

            03.20.19 | by Eric Wakeling

            Calvary Family, We are excited to announce the beginning of a new conversation we are having as a family - The Calvary Life Podcast. We primarily interview members of the Calvary family and find out how they are living out their faith out...
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