Removing Cancer

    09.24.15 | by Eric Wakeling

    I preached a message on Gideon back in February (watch it online here) and I talked about how we are often preoccupied with our personal flaws even when nobody else even notices them. I mentioned a little mole-looking thing under my left eye and...
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      The Miracle of Life

      09.17.15 | by David Mitchell

      We all have experienced the birth of a baby either directly or indirectly. I remain amazed how conception and the development of those first cells eventually grows into a baby that in turn develops into an adult. Each baby is a miracle of God...
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        The Sheer Magnitude of Grace

        09.09.15 | by David Mitchell

        Few stories paint a more perfect picture of a church community working better together than the one told by a person named Shelly Duffer. She had what seemed to be the perfect family. Her husband was the student ministries pastor at their church...
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          We Are Better Together

          09.04.15 | by David Mitchell

          Dear Calvary Family, As some of you may know, I just returned from a 4500 mile motorcycle ride to Sturgis, South Dakota. I rode with a group of guys from California, including Calvary’s own Elder Chairman and friend, Dave Herring. We...
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