There are currently 90 missionary families, whose work around the world is supported monthly through the people of Calvary's Faith Promise gifts. (Some missionaries are not listed below because they are retired or serving creative access people-groups.) To learn more about how Calvary supports missionaries, or even how you can become a missionary, check out our Global FAQ.


Blake and Nicole Arensen

Kenya | CTEN 

Brian and Patty Arensen

Kenya | Africa Inland Mission

Shel and Kym Arensen

Kenya | Africa Inland Mission

John & Julie Clark

Mali | Youth with a Mission

Matt & Kristy Faber

Kenya | Africa Inland Mission

David & Jeannie Morse

Florida/International | Africa Inland Mission

Patricia Sawo

Kenya | Global Fellowship

Issa “Apolos” & Hadjara Djibo

Niger | Coalition Ministries


Dan & Tori Beaver

Philippines | First Love International Ministries

Karl & Sun Dahlfred

Thailand | OMF

Steve & Tracy Geis

Papua New Guinea | Wycliffe/JAARS

Michael & Sarah Johnson

Papua New Guinea | Wycliffe

Victor & Ana Opungu

Papua New Guinea | Wycliffe

Europe and Middle East

Larry and Kathy Dunne

Ireland | Global Outreach Mission 

Cory and DJ Hovivian

Ireland | United World Mission

Steve and Jenny Meeker

Croatia | SEND 

Lenci and Alta Mene

Albania | Christian Aid Mission

Oleg and Marina Reutki

Moldova | New Hope Eurasia

Andy and Nadine Spradley

Macedonia | SEND

Chris and Susan Tweedy

Germany | Greater Europe Mission 

Jamilyn Cummings

International | G42

Rebecca Weatherstone

Germany | Teach Beyond


Dan & Darice Gutierrez

California/North America | American Indian Bible Institute

Marijke Kuo

Georgia/Int'l | Operational Mobilization

Tom & Margie Rafetto

Pennsylvania/International | Wycliffe

Bob & Janice Stuck

Missouri/The Americas | Avant

Jim & Juanita

Mexico/International | Wycliffe

John & Kathie Watters

Texas/International | SIL/Wycliffe

Amy West

North Carolina/International | Wycliffe/SIL

Latin America

Job & Lorena Grain

Uruguay | World Partners

David & Wendy Nellis

Mexico | United Indian Mission

Don & Janie Nellis

USA/Mexico | United Indian Mission

Paul & Becky Nystrom

Peru | Wycliffe

Pablo & Rebecca Pazmino

Ecuador | OMS

Tim & Ruth Stuck

Uruguay | World Partners

Chuck & Susan Weatherstone

Mexico | MAF

USA and Canada

Chris & Rahnella Adsit

Oregon | Reboot Combat Recovery

Bob & Joan Critchfield

Texas | Wycliffe

Carolyn Eumarian

Missouri | Avant

Dan & Tammy Gonzaga

California | Intervarsity

Tom & Grace Goreth

California | Wycliffe/JAARS

Pete & Joann Johnson

Florida | CRU

Adalberto & Everth Lara

Canada | United Indian Mission

Eric & Ginger Mayer

Alaska | e3 Partners

Mike & Trudy Newell

Georgia | Christar

Tom & Janni Nunziato

Oregon | Church Resource Ministries

Lloyd & Nancy Peckham

California | Wycliffe

Gary & Charlene

Washington | CRU

Pete & Jill Stuck

California | Avant

Tim & Ute Warkentin

Canada | Church Resource Ministries

Steve & Kathi Weemes

California/USA | OMF

Oliver & Linda Williams

Texas | Christar

Roy & Lisa Yabuki

Texas | International Students Inc.

Jimmy & Chloe Simpson

California | International Students, Inc.

Jeff & Kim McKee

California | Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Emanuel & Kauzy Lara

Canada | United Indian Mission