Faith Promise Giving

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How Does Calvary Support Global Missions?

Throughout the year, but especially during our Reach Global Week, we ask you to make a Faith Promise commitment to give financially to our program. One of the ministries that Calvary is passionate about is global missions. We are committed to reach the world with the Gospel message through whatever means possible, which includes various partnerships and especially our Calvary missionary families.

We ask you to fill out an anonymous card indicating your Faith Promise commitment to be given between March 1 and February 28 of the following year. From these commitment cards we determine the Reach Global Missions budget for the next fiscal year.

Because this is a separate gift and not part of your General Fund tithes and offerings for the church, we are depending on your help by designating the amount you will give. 

When you write out your check or give online, you need to indicate how much of your gift is to go towards Global Missions. You can do this by writing the amount and the word “missions” next to it on the memo line of your check.  If you give online, there is a place for you to designate the amount for Global Missions.  Any gift not designated “Missions” goes into the General Fund. 

When you contribute to Calvary’s Reach Missions fund you are:

  • Helping spread the good news of the gospel to those who haven’t heard
  • Planting churches
  • Translating the Word of God until all have heard
  • Helping minister to refugees in crisis
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Caring for orphans
  • Raising awareness about HIV/aids and health education
  • Teaching kids about Jesus through camps
  • Screening the Jesus Film everywhere from theaters to open fields
  • Resourcing evangelists and pastors with transportation, books, computers and goats
  • Rescuing women and children from illiteracy, abuse, poverty and human trafficking
  • Helping persecuted believers who are suffering for the cause of Christ
  • Allowing pilots entry into remote areas
  • Clothing communities living in poverty
  • Bringing hope through disaster relief
  • Constructing homes
  • Proclaiming hope
  • And YOU ARE Reaching the world for Jesus Christ

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What is a Faith Promise?

Faith Promise is a way of giving to the Reach Global program.  Rather than waiting to respond to individual appeals as they come along, a commitment is made for a full year from your Faith Promise response card.  This makes missions giving strategic rather than sporadic, and allows the Missions Ministry Team to set a budget with more adequate knowledge of what God’s people have committed.  This is a promise to God—a commitment between you and the Lord.  Your Faith Promise commitment says that you believe:

  • Global missions is vital to accomplishing the Great Commission of the church and that the Gospel can change lives.
  • Giving, although important, is secondary to faith and praying.
  • God will help you give the amount you have promised.

How Do We Support Missionaries?

Calvary missionaries are supported at various monthly levels based on where they are serving, their length and type of service, and other financial considerations. Calvary does not gift any missionary with their total support need. All of our missionaries are encouraged to have many additional supporters, both financial and prayer.

Besides our monthly gift, the Reach Global Missions budget is set up to allow for extra financial help to our missionaries through: scholarships and special gifts, emergency needs, travel assistance, re-entry gifts for those on home assignment, outgoing help for new missionaries leaving for the field, housing assistance; and others when possible. (As a matter of IRS policy, Calvary cannot accept checks designated to individual missionaries for donation purposes.) 

In addition to monetary help, we also provide care for our missionaries through personal cards and handwriting letters or emails, phone calls, missionary home visits inside the USA and overseas, specific prayer requests, and other forms of encouragement.  You can be a part of making this happen when you personally connect with a missionary family.

Why Are There Separate Budgets?

Reach Global is funded through your Faith Promise gifts which includes support for Calvary Missionaries serving worldwide and partnership projects.  In addition, Faith Promise also helps to support the practical means of some local outreach partnerships (i.e. tools, supplies, publicity) to allow for the training of our missionary candidates, follow up opportunities for short term team members, and means by which members begin the process of missions.

For more Global information contact Liz Gold, Reach Global Missions Director, at 714.550.2340 or .

Reach Local is funded through the General Fund tithes and offerings to Calvary Church, which allows for the participation in local outreach by our people.  Our criterion for local outreach involves the Three C’s:  Close proximity to the church, Consistent volunteer opportunities, and Christ can be proclaimed. 

For information on Reach Local click here or contact our Reach Pastor Matt Doan at 714.550.2378 or .

What Are Partnership Projects?

Calvary Church has been blessed to partner with several ministries/ mission agencies doing work around the world, in addition to our missionary families.  Each year, support is given to projects including the printing of Bibles, radio air-wave messages, training of nationals, scholarships, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief.

Is Faith Promise Biblical?

In 2 Corithians 8-9, we see God channel His blessings from local churches to thise in faraway places.  Specifically, the earliest churches were sacrificing for the sake of the church in Judea.  It is our desire that Faith Promise is a modern equivalent of such generosity.  There are a couple characteristics about the giving in 2 Corithians 8-9 worth noting.

      • The gift is more than one can naturally afford (8:2-4)
      • The gift flows from presonnal commitment (8:5)
      • The gift is optional, but it is a "test" of God's love in our lives (8:8)
      • The gift is previously promised (9:5)
      • The gift is a tool for blessing in our own lives (9:6)
      • The gift is presonally planned and purposed (9:7)
      • The gift can be given cheerfully (9:7)
      • The gift is provided by God (9:8)

This offering is also referred to in Acts 11:27-30; 24:17; Galatians 2:10; Romans 15:23-33; 1 Corinthians 16:-9.

How Do You Make a Faith Promise?

1.  Pray for what the Lord would have you do and know what He commands He also enables.

2.  Commit yourself to make a faith promise, realizing that your faith will grow as you stay committed to that promise.

3.  Look for the different ways God will use you to supply your faith promise.

4.  Be faithful to give as God enables you.

Who can make a Faith Promise?

God gives to all of His children - rich and poor - the privilege of giving.

Everyone must make up his mind as to how much he should give. God says to never force anyone to give more than he really wants to give. He loves a cheerful giver. We should not give, wishing we could keep it. God loves it when we give because we want to give.

When we make a Faith Promise commitment we promise to give God more than we have right now! We pray and decide on the amount that we trust God to help us get and then we promise God that if He provide it, we will give it back to Him. We need to be careful not to use this money for our own purposes. Remember, this is a promise only between you and God.

What are the results of Faith Promise giving?

Joy, blessing, increased ability to give, thankfulness to God, and it will bring glory to God and help spread the gospel.