Global FAQs

In order to ensure accountability and good communication between our missionaries, our leadership and our church body, Calvary Church has the following requirements for our missionaries:


We support missionaries on a monthly basis through the Faith Promise gifts the people of Calvary give throughout the year.  Missionaries are supported at various monthly levels based on where they are serving, their length and type of service, and financial considerations. In all cases, Calvary does not totally support the missionary. All of our missionaries are encouraged to have three to four other churches and a minimum of 40 individual supporters to help make this happen. In addition to the monthly support, Calvary sets aside and distributes to our missionaries special care in the areas of scholarships and gifts, emergency financial support, travel expenses, re-entry gifts for those on furlough, outgoing help for new missionaries leaving for the field, housing and other support as possible. 

Calvary Church supported missionaries may not actively solicit additional support from individuals or groups in the church body.  With so many missionaries, our members would be bombarded with financial requests.  Prayer letters may be sent to friends within Calvary Church as long as the letter does not include appeals for support.  A stated need is not considered an appeal.  Instead, supported missionaries should direct all additional needs to the attention of the Reach Pastor, Missions Elder Chairman, or a Missions Ministry Team member.


Calvary Church supported missionaries are expected to visit our church at least once during a regular home assignment.  The missionary should meet with the Missions Ministry Team for an oral debriefing of their ministry at least once every five years.  This allows us to stay involved in each missionary's ministry as well as give input into decisions, concerns, and future plans.  The Reach Pastor will meet with the missionaries whenever there is an opportune time, be it a short visit by the missionary here to Orange County or a visit by the Reach Pastor to the missionary's ministry field location.


All missionaries are required to correspond regularly with the Calvary Church body and the Missions Ministry Team to inform them of their activities and prayer needs.  One form of written correspondence every two months is considered the minimum to enable to Missions Ministry Team to adequately serve the missionaries and keep the congregation informed. This can be in the form of a handwritten or typed letter, email, phone call or Skype.


All missionaries are required to fill out and return to the Reach Pastor the Annual Missionary Questionnaire on their past year's ministry and yearly financial support in order to keep our records up to date.