Global FAQs

The Reach Global Missions Ministry Team, (hereafter known as MMT), is responsible for the oversight of the Reach Global Missions program of Calvary Church. Reach Global Missions is crossing the cultural and/or geographical boundaries outside the influence of the local church and sharing Christ with people not like you.  The  Reach Pastor and Missions Elder/Chairman form the MMT made up of six to eight men and women, with passion for seeing people come to Christ - from every nation, tongue, and tribe. 

 These MMT members are approved by the Elder Board, after being selected from our church membership based on previous missions experience, spiritual giftedness, and a willingness to be part of a working team. The members commit to serving a minimum of one year in their role overseeing a committee or function of the Reach Global Missions program.  When needed, sub-committees are formed to help broaden and strengthen new decisions made regarding policies, programs, or finances.  In conclusion, the MMT seeks God’s will in all things -  through prayer, reliance on the Scriptures, and additional wise counsel as they seek ways to challenge our congregation to become more personally involved in the Great Commission and to pray, give, and go.