Global FAQs

Process for Missionary Service

Following are some general steps for becoming a missionary with Calvary Church.  These steps primarily apply to missionaries who will be doing Extended Short or Long Term Missions.  Please note that Calvary Church has some specific requirements for our missionaries as well, which can be found in the Calvary Church Missions Ministry Policy. 

Step 1 - A pre-candidate questionnaire (through our Future Missionary Focus notebook) is filled out and returned to the Reach Global Missions Director.  Our Future Missionary Focus candidate training program or its equivalent as prescribed by the Reach Global Missions Director may be introduced at this time to assist the candidate in pursuing his/her interest.

Step 2 - When a candidate is seriously considering missionary service as a career, and has completed Step 1, a full application for support may be completed and submitted to the Reach Ministries Office along with required references and Doctrinal Statement and/or a signed statement of their agreement with Calvary Church's Doctrinal Statement of Faith.  They must also adhere to the doctrinal and ethical standards required of Calvary Church Elders and Pastors.

Step 3 - The qualifications of each candidate will be evaluated by the Personnel Committee of the Reach Global Missions Ministry Team along with a copy of the candidate's questionnaire before the candidate is interviewed.  This step describes the individual who is beginning to be formally prepared for missionary service by actively taking steps to the mission field.  They are convinced of God's leading into a career in missions.

Step 4 - Upon recommendation by the Personnel Committee and the Missions Director and completion of Steps 1-3 above, an oral interview with the reach Global Missions Ministry Team may be scheduled.

Step 5 - Following the interview, the Missions Ministry Team will vote to approve or disapprove the candidate for support. If they are approved, the support for the new missionary can begin up to three month prior to their departure for the field.  The amount of the support will depend on the budget at the time of departure, the location and type of work the missionary will be doing, and what the need of finances are for the missionary.